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Under almost any different set of circumstances, Daniel Negreanu would've been down the street at the Cafe de Paris where the EPT London revelers were lubricating their minds and joints at the European Poker Tour welcome party. On any other night, Negreanu would've been on the mic, glad-handing in ...more

While we have been concentrating on the EPT London £20,000 High Roller, there was another event being played out just down the road at the Empire Casino in Leicester Square. There, the WSOPE Main Event was reaching its climax. At the end of play today (wednesday), the final table was set, and we're ...more

The rail at the $1,500 is the thicker than you'd expect for a limit, split pot Stud game. Normally at a rail for that kind of event, you'd have two people watching and one of them would only be there because he thought they were giving out free soup. Today, though, the cream is sitting on top (not ...more

Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu has been on a chip-rebuilding mission as he nears the money in the $2,000 Limit event. He's now up to 71,000, nicely above average with about ten bust-outs to go to the cash. A chunk of that came when he made a flush on the river with [ks][qs], and then he added ...more

It has been at least a couple of days since we reported a deep run by Daniel Negreanu, so we're long overdue a Kid Poker appearance on a tournament leaderboard. Handy, then, that the Team PokerStars Pro is looking to chip up once more and is chirping away at the $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Low 8 or ...more

Daniel Negreanu must be wondering when he'll ever get hold of his fifth WSOP bracelet. Despite riding high from a breathtaking start to this World Series, he's now missed out on a title by a whisker not once, but twice. First he lost heads-up in the $2,500 Six-handed Limit event, and tonight he ...more

We're down to just four in the $10,000 Omaha Hi-Low and Daniel Negreanu is clinging on to his dreams of securing his fifth bracelet. After riding high in chips for much of the final table, it's got tough for the Team PokerStars Pro, and since we got down to four he's been the short stack, ...more

No one can say Daniel Negreanu is not competitive. You see it at the poker table and on the golf fairways, of course, but just now we saw it between the stage and the restroom. As tournament staff announced a short three-minute halt in proceedings to the $10,000 Omaha Hi-Low final table, it sparked ...more

After a prolonged lull in bust outs, when Annie Duke was all-in three times but survived each one, we've made it down to the final table in the $10,000 Omaha Hi-Low. Still there, and now on a comfortable 505,000 chips, is Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu. It is Negreanu's second final table of ...more

You know what it's like when you hear a song and it sticks in your head for the rest of the day? Daniel Negreanu does. The Temptations' Get Ready is stuck in his head, and he keeps singing it out as he fights to reach his second final table of the WSOP so far. Of course, the lyrics have a secondary ...more

Another day at the WSOP, and another final table in sight for Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu. Without wishing to sound repetitive, the Canadian is on his 'A' game and is clocking up the cashes in Las Vegas for fun. He just missed the final of the $10,000 7-card Stud event, finishing tenth for ...more

Daniel Negreanu has said he "loves" limit hold'em, and no wonder considering two of his four WSOP bracelets have come in limit tournaments. Today, he was within a whisker of make that three out of five. Despite holding the chip lead throughout the day, when the $2,500 Six-handed Limit event ...more

Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu has just enjoyed a rush to send him clear chip leader with just three left in this final of the WSOP $2,500 Six-handed Limit event. Soon after the blinds went up to 13,000-25,000, he won the biggest pot of the event on after four betting and getting two callers to ...more

Barry Shulman was all in pre-flop and found two callers in Daniel Negreanu and Brock Parker: a chance for a triple up or two chances to be busted from the final table of this $2,500 Six-handed Limit event. Shulman had raised for his last chips, Team PokerStars Pro Negreanu - looking for his fifth ...more

It's starting to look like it could be an exceptional day for PokerStars players at the Rio in Las Vegas. While Daniel Negreanu continues to progress nicely in the six-handed limit final, Angel Guillen, who is playing only his first year of live poker tournaments, has made Team PokerStars' second ...more

That's it, we're down to our final table of the $2,500 Six-handed Limit event, and PokerStars' very own Daniel Negreanu has the chip lead as he hunts down his fifth WSOP bracelet. Jim Buckley was the unlucky final table bubble boy... crushed when his K-K made a set on the flop, only to find Brock ...more

We started with 11 players on two tables, and now there's just the one table left. Not the final table, yet - we need to lose one more player for that. Early stages were brutal, with Jimmy Tran, Robert Como (busted when his K-10 was outrun by Negreanu's A-9) and Nikolay Losev busting within minutes ...more

Many will tell you that Limit Hold'em is Daniel Negreanu's best game - and with two of his four WSOP bracelets coming in this discipline, one of them last year, it would be hard to disagree. The argument is stronger than ever today, as the Team PokerStars Pro homes in on yet another final table. ...more

Things can change quickly in poker, even when the game is 7-card Stud, and Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu found that to his cost today. Starting with just 11 left in the $10,000 World Championship event, he has busted on the final table bubble in tenth, cashing for $36,267. Before play started, ...more

While looking at the starting stacks for day three of the $10,000 7-card Stud event, you could be forgiven for thinking Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu, fighting for his fifth WSOP bracelet, is short. He sits ninth of the 11 coming back today with 191,000, a fair way behind chip leader Eric ...more

Tucked away in one corner of the Amazon Room, far enough from the general madness of the $1,500 no limit event, you'll find day two of the $10,000 World Championship 7-card Stud. You'll also find Daniel Negreanu, who happens to be a happy man right now. Not so long ago he was getting low in chips to ...more

If there's one person you can count on to talk the hind legs off a donkey at the poker table (and that's just an expression, folks, not a dig at the players in this event), it's Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu. He's rarely quiet, except when he's having an at-seat massage like he is right now. ...more

While we wait for the beginning of the final table of the $40K, featuring PokerStars players Greg Raymer, Lex Veldhuis and Isaac Haxton, day 1B of the mammoth-like $1,000 no limit event is in full-blooded swing. With such a huge field - 6,008 over two starting days and rising - bust outs are ...more

WSOP bosses wanted a headline event to kickstart the 40th year, and with the $40,000 No Limit tournament they've got it. In all 201 players paid up generating a prize pool of $7,718,400. The top 27 will walk away with cash - and the winner will need a wheelbarrow to cart away $1,891,012. Of those ...more

By Sunday's end, a member of Team PokerStars Pro could very well be the NBC Heads Up Poker Champion. Daniel Negreanu, ElkY, and Vanessa Rousso have all made it to today's quarter finals. While all three have a shot at the title, only one of them can make it to the finals. The first match will put ...more

2009-01-27 01:44:11
Daniel Negreanu's $10 Challenge

Daniel Negreanu is the type of guy who enjoys a challenge. Whether it's on the poker felt, the links, or at a pool table, Negreanu will battle just about anybody. Now, he's out to battle himself. Kid Poker has decided to take on a challenge that seems almost unthinkable for a guy with millions of ...more

Daniel Negreanu, as we all know, loves him some Canada. So, when he had the chance to go up north for the British Columbia Poker Championship, he didn't hesitate. In fact, he even agreed to do some television commentary if he busted before the final table of six players began. As one exec at the ...more

There is a phenomenon in poker that few people get to experience. While everyone at a tournament table wears a target, those big name pros who have spent hours on television are painted with the biggest bullseye you'll ever see. It doesn't matter what big name pro you talk to, the situation rarely ...more

After four days of paced, measured play in the $50,000 HORSE event, it's a bit unsettling to watch the fortunes change so drastically. The blinds and limits are such that one or two close hands can take a player from the top to the bottom in no time at all. Witness the fall of Daniel Negreanu. At ...more

2008-06-27 01:34:30
2008 World Series: 2/3 HORSE

With the HORSE feed bag put behind us, we now find ourselves staring at a different breed. The $50,000 event that started with 148 players has now fallen below the 100 mark. Though we're not yet at the point at which the stress causes heart palpatations, things are starting to get more interesting ...more

Just under the surface of the HORSE event lays the fact that a few players are beginning to feel the heat of the blinds. One of whom is Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu. Daniel started the day in typical high spirits and nearly eight hours later remains in the same state of mind. The one thing ...more

With barely time to grab a meal since Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein won a bracelet in the $1,500 Razz event, we're now looking at two more PokerStars players at a big final table. Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu, fresh off his $2,000 Limit Hold'em Bracelet, is sitting at another final ...more

At some point, people may stop calling Daniel Negreanu "kid." Ten years ago, that may have been true. Back then, he was a young, brash upstart. Since then, the nickname "Kid Poker" has stuck tight. Kid or not, tonight Negreanu sits among the greats of poker with four World Series bracelets. There ...more

As mentioned here earlier, there is a large contingent of Team PokerStars Pros in the field today. Some members of the Team, however, have one more day of rest before launching into a marathon week of poker. Among those with the day off is Daniel Negreanu. Well-rested and feeling good, Negreanu is ...more

If you read this blog, chances are you already know how to use the PokerStars software. If not, or if you'd like a refresher course on some of the more detailed features, PokerStars has just released some brand new tutorial videos that will help you out.Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu serves as ...more

PokerStars kicked off the 2007 Grey Cup Festival in style this week in Toronto, Canada as two teams, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers prepared to square off against the Saskatchewan Rough Riders. The First Annual PokerStars Pigskin Classic, a game of touch football that included 8 Canadian Football League ...more

Today is a celebration of a beginning, the marking of the end, and a whisper of what's to come. As fireworks outside celebrate the birth of America's independence, the poker world's brightest stars stare at each other across the felt in the last of the preliminary events, a $5,000 rebuy 2-7 draw ...more

It was the 5pm start of yet another tournament here at the World Series. I began it as I normally, walking through the field and looking for familiar faces. There were my buddies Chris "savemyskin" Fargis and a fellow blogger, Garth. And, hey! There's Daniel Negreanu. Best, I get a picture of him, ...more

Barry Greenstein and Justin Bonomo were in step together as they walked the long hallway that leads to the Amazon Room. I stepped in beside them. Last we spoke, neither was in a good mood. Both had chips at the dinner break last night. Both had a rough go of it in the two hours following. "You get ...more

In the past few days, there have been a ton of great stories coming out of the World Series. More often than even I have been able to cover, there is usually a subtitle that involves PokerStars. Just the other day, PokerStars Supernova Shankar825 (known in public as Shankar Pillai) won one of the ...more

Part 1Part 2At the first break, Daniel Negreanu doesn't disappear for long. Greg Pappas busted out in the final moments of the last level and Daniel seems like he doesn't want to leave his early-days rush unattended. Daniel is standing alone on the stage, eager."You have two minutes and twenty ...more

Part 1Ten years ago, Daniel Negreanu found a role model in Greg Pappas. Today, they are peers, with even Greg admitting that Negreanu has become a much better player over the years."Luckier for sure," Daniel said last night.Now a seasoned pro, Negreanu has become a role model to many and a mentor to ...more

It's vegetarian chili, I'm sure. Daniel Negreanu doesn't cotton to chili packed with dead animal. It's in a small white cup and he's shoveling it into his mouth with a black plastic spoon while talking with Gavin Smith about one of the many side bets going on around here. It's all very interesting ...more

Daniel Negreanu was chatty today. Most of the last three hours of the night was as much a practice in coffee housing with Greg Pappas as it was a game of tournament stud poker. Pappas, a member of the pre-televised poker generation, was explaining to the rail that the only people who know him are ...more

It's been said that poker players will complain about anything--even being given carte blanche to complain. That said, there were a lot of right-thinking people who validly groused last year that the World Series was a bit too hold'em-centric. Among those players was Team PokerStars' Daniel ...more

It was a monster day for Team PokerStars at the World Series. Today alone, four members of the Team spread out around three final tables. Team PokerStars' newest member Daniel Negreanu attacked the $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em shootout event and made it all the way to the final table. After an aggressive ...more

In the regular workaday world, Mondays are cause for concern. They mark the beginning of what is sure to be another five days in the dog-eat-dog worker bee world. In poker, especially at the World Series, Mondays are merely another day in the life. The only difference you can see is the tourists ...more

This morning, PokerStars announced the arrival of poker legend Daniel Negreanu as the latest addition to Team PokerStars.Negreanu is widely accepted as one of poker’s true legends. His ability to read players, spot the best action and mentor fresh talent -- in addition to his 'nice guy' table image ...more

With millions of dollars in tournament earnings and a long list of major title wins, Daniel Negreanu is one of the greatest poker players of all time, and popular with fans around the world. Now you can keep track of all the latest Daniel Negreanu news at his official website - including his latest tournament results and reports from major events like the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA), European Poker Tour (EPT) and more.

Few players can match the success that Daniel has achieved since he moved to Las Vegas in the late 90’s to take a shot at turning pro. His achievements include four World Series bracelets, two WPT titles and more than $12,500,000 in live tournament cashes. He’s a regular face at all of PokerStars major live events, including his home tour, the North American Poker Tour (NAPT). Daniel can also often be found appearing on major poker TV shows, including The PokerStars.net Big Game and the Million Dollar Challenge. He’s also began to step up his online game in recent years, and plays in weekly events like the Sunday Million, and seasonal flagship tournament series like the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP). Whatever event he’s playing in, he cashes more often than not. This means the results come thick and fast, so make sure you keep checking back for all latest news and live tournament reports.